Member Benefits

DGMA is a fun and powerful group of elite grounds care professionals and suppliers. Our members have committed themselves and their business to the highest standards of professionalism. Members work together to strengthen the quality and image of our trade while at the same time growing their individual business.

Benefits of membership
  • Continuous opportunities for education
  • Pesticide certification credits
  • Non-competitive networking
  • DGMA members are a "data base of information"
  • Members are encouraged to tap this data base by contacting each other with questions
  • Referrals, equipment and labor swaps and sales
  • Connecting suppliers with consumers
  • Voice and representation in local government and policy formation
  • Exclusivity in participation of the DGMA website directory, and advertising
  • DGMA membership credentials adds value to the name of your business
Consumer Benefits

DGMA members join the association because they are unique individuals, which subscribe to a higher standard of conduct. They simply want to be the best at what they do. This is exactly the reason why DGMA is good for consumers. Consumers of residential and commercial landscape work can use DGMA's approved member network as a method for finding qualified professionals for their unique and specific needs. Consumers can relax and feel confident when choosing to hire DGMA's elite professionals because they know that they are skilled, educated, reliable, accountable, and dedicated.